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Just letting You Know

21 May

Just letting you know I’ve washed the thought of you down with down with leftover birthday cake vodka while lying on the floor of my room with a blanket full of sorrows. I wasn’t celebrating shit but you know it goes trying to get through life without a crutch. Bad times call for a get together minus the actual party because you’d need friends for that. I wanna know if you still stare at the moon pretending it’s a pearl you want to pluck out of the sky for me because I swear I won’t fall back to earth. I’m slurring my words and crying to myself at 4:00 am about the same boy, the whirlwind that swept me off my feet. I’m sprawled out staring at the ceiling and there’s screaming SIKE WRONG TURN AHEAD. Fuck, I write about boys like I actually get any when literally I’ve been in love as many times as I can count on my hand. Just please don’t hook pinky fingers with mine and promise forever because I believe in stars  falling out of the sky leaving me with a pitch black hole in my chest when you walk away. I believe in roses kissed at by dew at 4:00 am. He’s my tsunami boy creating waves in my heart, the choppy kind like phone calls late at night. We compare lovers to the weather because they are unpredictable. I want to know is he the sun because my head spins circles around this boy. Most of all I want to sleep at night and not hear the rustling of the trees outside my window because they remind me of crumpling paper and me writing a boy I’m trying to forget back into existence.